Our Partners


Green Team and its affiliates have created business partnerships with many local and nationally recognized organizations. Among the list of our partners are multiple property management companies and shopping malls’ owning and managing corporations. We have built long-term relationships, based on professionalism, commitment, and shared interests. All of these successful alliances are helping us position our bins within only the most prosperous neighborhoods and in shopping centers with high numbers of daily visitors, resulting in the collection of top quality credentials.

At GREEN TEAM Worldwide Environmental Group, we take pride in the relationships and partnerships that we have built so far, making it easier for potential partners to trust and have confidence in our company.

  • Saint Francis Church
  • Ridgefield Park Volunteer Fire Department
  • Bethlehem Volunteer Fire Department
  • L.E.A.D = Law enforcement against drugs
  • The Royal Canadian Legion /BC Yukon Command/
  • Boys and Girls Clubs of South Coast BC

Our Family: