We are opening our warehouse #8 in Phoenix, AZ

    We are making recycling easier and more convenient by expanding our coverage and coming closer to you!
    Introducing the opening of our warehouse #8 in Phoenix, AZ ! We wish our team a great success in that area, and you can look for many new locations, where you can discard of your unwanted textiles.
    Stay tuned for news for our Warehouse #9 next week! Any guesses where that one might be?

    Green Team attending and sponsoring SMART 2021 Regional Meeting

      Green Team had the pleasure of attending and sponsoring another great event this week – SMART 2021 Regional Meeting. The Secondary Materials and Recycled Textiles Association (SMART) is a global organisation of companies involved in the reuse and recycling of textiles and related secondary materials. The vision of all the members, including Green Team is to reduce solid waste, by collecting, reclaiming, and “close the loop” by processing, reusing, converting, and distributing these recyclables.
      SMART is the leading industry voice promoting high standards and best practices that we all follow and live up to.
      S.M.A.R.T. (Secondary Materials And Recycled Textiles) Association

      GREEN TEAM is a proud sponsor of 2nd Annual LEAD race/walk in Asbury park


        It was our pleasure to participate in the 2nd Annual LEAD race/walk in Asbury park, NJ.
        For the last 5 years GREEN TEAM Worldwide Environmental Group has been a proud sponsor of LEAD – Law Enforcement Against Drugs in helping them in their great mission in the fight against the use of drugs and violence among young people. They do amazing work across the United States and are in many schools near you already.