Green Team Worldwide Environmental Group

Aiming for a better and cleaner world.

If all 300 million americans reused just one t-shirt each, we would save 210 billion gallons of water and reduce co2 emissions by 1 million pounds!

As a member of SMART we are committed to give back to the communities and create substantial revenue for numerous charitable nonprofit organizations.

Clothing is an essential need, just like food and housing. however, millions of people around the world cannot afford new clothes.

Green Team

Green Team Worldwide Environmental Group is a holding company specializing in collecting and wholesaling used clothing, shoes, and other textiles. Our operations in the East and West Coast of North America provide a comfortable and convenient way for the public to recycle unwanted textiles. Our primary goal is to prevent millions of pounds of clothing from entering landfills and polluting the Earth.

The company staffs a team of professionals experienced in the used clothing industry and committed to changing the world through innovation and hard work. Our team strives to create an environmentally friendly and convenient way for everyone to get rid of unwanted textiles while giving the opportunity to people in need to buy quality clothes at an affordable price.

Information about TEXTILE WASTE in NUMBERS

The recycling of 2 million tons of textiles per year equates to taking 1 million cars off U.S. streets.

The environmental impact of one household’s clothing is comparable to the carbon emissions released from driving a conventional automobile for 6,000 miles.

The U.S. produces 21 billion pounds of post-consumer textile waste per year.

Only 15% (3,8 billion) of generated textiles in the U.S. get recovered through recycling or donation.

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